What do Simple Send-offs do?
Simple Send-offs is a low-cost funeral director based on the Wirral and covering the surrounding areas. We provide a fixed-price cremation service as well as offering bespoke cremations and burials to meet your needs.
Can I attend a Direct Cremation?
No, mourners are not permitted to attend a Direct Cremation. Simple Send-offs staff will convey the coffin to the crematorium and the ashes will be returned to the family or if preferred, scattered on the Garden of Remembrance. A memorial service can be carried out at a later date if desired.
What is a Direct Cremation?

A Direct Cremation is a low-cost option to a traditional funeral. Your loved one will be brought into our dedicated care; they will be placed in a simple wooden coffin and will rest in our mortuary until the committal takes place at the Crematorium.

What is a Simple Cremation?

A Simple Cremation includes a short service at the crematorium. The service could take the form of quiet reflection for a small gathering or a fuller service hosted by a minister or celebrant.

Do I have to have a Minister or Funeral Celebrant?
No, we will support you to provide whatever type of service you need. With our support many of our families choose to deliver their own more personal service. For this reason, we do not include the fee for a minister or celebrant but we would be happy to arrange for one to conduct a service for you, although additional fees would be payable.
What happens after the Cremation?

We will return your loved one’s ashes to you (usually 3-5 days after the cremation), allowing you to organise your own personal memorial service (if you so choose). Alternatively we can arrange to have your loved one’s ashes scattered in the Memorial Garden.

Are there any restrictions on what I can do with my loved one’s ashes?
There are many options available to you after your loved one’s ashes have been returned to you and it really is a personal choice what you decide to do at this stage. We would be happy to assist you with any particular plans you have in mind.
Why is Simple Send-offs so much cheaper than the average UK funeral?
Simple Send-offs have taken the traditional concept of funerals and trimmed away the excess costs that they feel are unnecessary to make them more affordable to families during difficult times. However, this doesn’t mean that the service Simple Send-offs provides is sub-standard, we simply pride ourselves on delivering a personal and quality service without unnecessary expensive extras.
Why do people choose Simple Send-offs?

Some of the reasons people choose Simple Send-offs are as follows:

  • They like the personal, simple, fuss-free approach we provide
  • They like the fact that our Simple model offers all the practical elements for a funeral at the fraction of the cost of a High Street Funeral Director
  • They feel a traditional funeral is a ‘waste of money’ and would prefer to leave their money to others
  • It suits the wishes of the deceased
  • Many families like the flexibility it provides and want time to organise a separate celebration later
  • For some, it is the only viable financial option
  • It reduces the cost of repatriation
Do you save money by re-using the coffin or by cremating people in groups?

No, neither of these practices are permitted. Your loved one will be placed in an individual, sealed coffin with nameplate before the cremation at a licensed crematorium.

When do I have to make a payment?

We are only able to maintain such a low price for our funerals by requesting payment in full at the time of booking.

Do you accept payments from the Department of Work & Pensions?

Yes, but the DWP will not cover all the costs so there will be a small shortfall to pay.

How do I make payment?

We accept payment by Bank transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card and Cash.

Are there any hidden extras?

In exceptional circumstances, for example, if the deceased is bariatric (obese), there may be an increase in the cremation or interment fee. This will depend on the individual case, but unfortunately extra fees of this nature are beyond our control.

Do you offer Pre-paid Plans?

Yes, please see our Pre-paid Plans page for further information.

How do I know if a Simple Send-offs Funeral is right for my family?

If you wish to discuss your personal requirements in confidence and with no obligation please call:

(0151­) 630 0050 or 0800 246 5292

Simple Send-offs FAQs

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