Direct Cremation £1,495.00

Simple Cremation £1,795.00

Cremation Plus £2,150.00

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Funeral Transport

Funeral Transport


The transport of you, your loved one and those who may join you, can be a notable part of a service. We have pristine hearse vehicles to suit your needs for your final journey with your departed. 

It goes without saying that you will find our range of vehicles of an extremely high standard and the classic highly polished black, fitting the occasion. Other arrangements can be made with suitable planning to fit your requirements. Horse-drawn carriages and motorcycles are alternatives and, with planning, these can be arranged for more bespoke funeral plans.  We aim to provide whatever is required, so please just ask if you have any specific wishes.

Our personal vehicle fleet includes a 7-seat limousine, for which we also have a matching Vauxhall hearse. In addition, we have a private ambulance. We can supply additional vehicles to work with our own when required, at additional cost. We work closely with a local carriage master, ensuring we have a wide range and ample capacity for most funeral arrangements. 

We always take pride in our vehicles and we know you will not be pleased with the part they play in your service.