Prepayment Plans

Planning for later life is never an easy thing to do but it can be comforting and reassuring to know that you’ve taken care of your funeral arrangements.

By taking some time now, you can provide both financial and practical help for your loved ones in the future.

Many people never get round to talking to their families about the kind of funeral they would like and this can lead to all sorts of worry and anxiety for loved ones when the time comes.  A pre-arranged funeral plan is a simple and straightforward way of removing this worry and can provide real peace of mind for you and your family.

As with any funeral director, there are management costs associated with our plans which ensure your money is kept safely until it is needed. As our plans are fully guaranteed, you can be assured that as long as we carry out your funeral and your requirements don’t change, there will be nothing else to pay when the plan is required.

Please note that our fully guaranteed Prepayment Plans cost more than the ‘at need’ prices’ quoted on this website. For further information or to discuss our plans please give us a call on (0151) 630 0050 or 0800 246 5292 and we will be happy to give you all the advice and help that we can. You can contact us for our plan prices or download our price list by clicking the button on the right.

What happens to my money?

Our funeral prepayment plans are provided by Ecclesiastical Planning Services which is part of the Ecclesiastical Group. Ecclesiastical has been protecting people, property and funds since 1887 and Ecclesiastical Planning Services is a registered provider of the Funeral Planning Authority and adheres to its Code of Practice and high professional standards.

The funeral plans we offer give you exceptional financial security for your money. Every penny of the full value of every plan (excluding the initial management fee) is held securely and ring-fenced for your funeral.

Who is eligible?

Anyone aged 18 or over can take out a plan. There’s no upper age limit and no medical or health questions to answer.

Can the plan include special wishes?

Yes, you can add special wishes and requests such as song choices, readings, information for a eulogy and so on. There is no charge to add these details.

Can I buy a funeral plan for someone else?

Yes, we find that many of our customers choose to do this.

Can I pay for my plan by instalments?

Yes, you are able to pay over 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months. Please note there is an additional cost for paying by instalments over 24, 36, 48 and 60 months.

What happens if I die abroad?

The plan does not cover the cost of a funeral abroad, or the cost of repatriating the deceased. It is therefore important that your travel insurance policy covers this situation.

Terms and conditions apply to funeral plans – please ask for details.

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Download our Wirral-based cremation Prepayment Plan prices: