Direct Cremation £1,495.00

Simple Cremation £1,795.00

Cremation Plus £2,150.00

Burial Please call for quote




The choice to bury your loved one naturally leads to considerations about the coffin. The word ‘coffin’ comes from a Latin word ‘cophinus’ and it literally means ‘basket’. Many of our customers choose to keep their ‘basket choice’ simple and elegant as our image demonstrates. This can help keep the cost of your funeral down. If you wish to look at alternatives, like all funeral directors, we can find something to suit your requirements. Please be aware that in any funeral directors, the cost of hardwood coffins and the like can be significant. It is easy to find yourself in a conversation about whether you and your loved one ‘like oak’. We like to start our discussion in a simpler way. We start with our elegant and practical solution but are open to helping you reach whatever decision you want. However, we will absolutely not pressure any sale on expensive coffins.

Simple Send-offs provide a coffin from our standard range, (either traditional or ‘eco’) as part of our funeral packages. As described, if you have a specific wish, we can supply the coffin of your choice, such as willow coffins, decorated/painted coffins or cardboard coffins, whatever you choose. * Additional cost